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[Epoch Times, July 25, 2014] On July 19, the sun was shining brightly. Jiaotong University Alumni Association Bicycle Club and Tea Club held a joint activity at Dadaocheng Pier in Taipei City. The current president of the Bicycle Club, Li Kesheng, said that Jiaotong University In addition to the annual gatherings of alumni at the school celebration and year-end reunion activities, clubs such as mountaineering clubs, bicycle clubs and tea clubs usually hold events in turn, providing everyone with a platform for both leisure and making friends.

This event is planned to start from Dadaocheng Wharf, take yachts and bicycles in groups to Huajiang Park Wharf, and enjoy meals after a short break. On the return trip, the two groups of people and horses will change their means of transportation. The "Amphibious" will enjoy both tea and chat on the boat and a leisurely bicycle ride, while enjoying the scenery on both sides of the Danshui River.

Chaochang Technology Co., Ltd. served as the sponsor of this event. Not only did it provide fresh, white and green moisture-wicking shirts to each event participant, but also general manager Guo Minhuang also brought his own agent, a small and exquisite shock-absorbing device - a grasp of the faucet There are 15 shock absorbers, allowing the public to experience its shock absorption effect directly on the road.

Before departure, 4 people were specially arranged to participate in the "Bicycle Faucet Shock Absorber DIY Contest" to let the participating friends actually install this shock absorber. In the end, the only female participating in the competition, Ah Feng, came out on top. She installed it for the first time. "It's very simple, it's really easier than I thought."

As night fell between the conversation and laughter, Dadaocheng showed the beauty of the reflection of lights in front of this group of tourists from afar. The alumni of Jiaotong University all reported that the event was well planned, and also thanked General Manager Guo for providing everyone to experience the faucet shock absorber. Opportunity. General Manager Guo of Supernormal Technology also generously said that in the future, he will try his best to let more people know about this innovative product through various activities.


Enjoy the scenery along the way
Level 74 / Mr. Jane
Mr. Jian, who likes to ride bicycles and swim on weekdays, also brought his own bicycle to this day. The vibration of the bicycle is directly transmitted to his shoulders, and his body posture is relatively low; after installing the faucet shock absorber, he said "It's like the vibration is absorbed on the grip side, which is very different from before. After the front of the car is raised, you can enjoy the scenery along the way calmly."

Especially suitable for urban cyclists
Level 95 / Mr. Gao
Mr. Gao, who is experienced in cycling, said that after installing the faucet shock absorber, it is indeed very soft, like adding a cushion, and its effect will be exerted when climbing and descending. It is recommended that if you are worried about riding a bicycle People with numb hands and injuries can install it, especially suitable for urban cyclists.

Stable body when braking
Class 91 / Miss Zhang
After the test ride, it said that it is much worse. It is very stable when riding, and there is not so much vibration. When braking, the body does not brake suddenly, and the speed is stable. Mr. Zhuang, who participated with his wife, also mentioned that the road he traveled this time was flat, but there were still bumps when going up and downhill. With a bicycle equipped with a faucet shock absorber, the rider can control it more easily. smaller.

Consider buying one for yourself
Friends and relatives
Talking about I usually ride a road bike, so I know the feeling of hand tremor, and after the test ride, I shared "I encountered bumps on the road.
The bumpy place feels more comfortable, and there is no direct shock to the hand." He said that if the size is right, he would consider buying one for himself. ◇