Optoelectronics and Semiconductors|GRIPFAST Bicycle Faucet Shock Absorber

Taiwan has a top semiconductor industry and an excellent precision machining industry, and GRIPFAST is its product.

made in TAIwan
Tested in new york

The 100% is designed and manufactured in Taiwan and tested on the streets of New York by Ben Hedges. 

Suitable for various riding styles of bicycles, making cycling a pleasure.

Solve the vibration, soreness and discomfort caused by your cycling

The "Grab Gripfast" faucet shock absorber solves the vibration, numbness and discomfort caused by riding a bicycle. It is especially effective for friends who often experience numbness and soreness in their hands and shoulders while riding a bicycle. The feeling index is 100% Hundred.

Gripfast suspension principle

In general bicycles, road bikes have almost no shock absorber effect. On mountain bikes, only the front fork has shock absorber effect. The position of the “Gripfast” faucet shock absorber is on the faucet. This design can make the vibration in the After passing through the frame and front fork, it provides more cushioning, and the pressure on the hand can also be minimized, which is why it is suitable for entry-level and advanced riders.

General Manager Guo of Supernormal Technology said that the "Gripfast" faucet shock absorber works differently from the previous shock absorbers, so it can stably improve the vibration. The internal structure uses a similar suspension system, which can absorb up and down vibrations. With the guide rod design developed for many years, the entire shock absorption effect is stable, and the vibrations generated up and down can be easily absorbed.

100% Made in Taiwan

Precision Machining