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[Epoch Times, October 3, 2014] Rotary International (RI) has been fighting for the eradication of polio for 25 years. Only three epidemic areas, including Afghanistan, remain in the world. From the 16th to October 28th, a bicycle round-the-island conference will be held to promote the "End Polio Now" polio eradication plan and fundraising activities, and welcome the first Rotary International Chinese President Gary to take office in a century.

On the eve of the round-the-island meeting of Rotary International members, the community members contacted Chaojian Technology, the general agent of a clutch shock absorber, and installed a "scraper shock absorber" for their car. After trying it out in person, they recommended it to the local club. Friends jointly install it to make cycling around the island more comfortable and the public welfare trip around the island healthier.

It's easier to install shock absorbers around the island Rotary: I give a hundred likes!

Li Hanhui, executive director of the Taiwan-Taiwan Bicycle Committee in Taozhumiao District (3500 District), which has long supported public welfare activities, pointed out that in response to the round-the-island masters, he hoped to be able to ride iron horses easily. Wanting to understand the idea of the product, I ordered this shock absorber in the special offer. I was skeptical at the time of installation, but after installing and riding, "I feel that my hands will not be numb, and my cervical spine, lumbar spine, elbows, and wrists will no longer be sore. Sore and numb, especially when going downhill.”

Li Hanhui said that riders usually need a sense of speed when going downhill, and they will be afraid. After installing the faucet shock absorber, the downhill becomes very stable. "I give this product a hundred likes! It's really good!" " And it’s easy to install, DIY, and easy to use.”

Bicycle chairperson: be good at it in advance

In order to welcome the activity around the island of the Taiwan Grand Master, the community members of the 3500 District specially held a group training at the Hsinchu City Free Park on September 28. Hong Qisheng, chairman of the Rotary International 3500 District Cycling Committee, said that riding the Grand Master of Taiwan for love, A total of 400 riders from the seven regions of Taiwan will start from different regions to start the relay around Taiwan.

However, if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. While exercising for health is important, safety is more important. Hong Qisheng rode from Miaoli to Hsinchu early in the morning to participate in the group training. Grab the shock absorber, it really feels very comfortable. At present, more than a dozen people in the community have installed it, and I will recommend more people to use it.

Mr. Chen is a member of the Rotary Club and also participates in the iron riding activities around the island. He often goes for a walk in the countryside and mountainous areas. For example, the beautiful scenery of Yulao in Jianshi Township is the only place to go to the scenic spots in the deep mountains. The installed shock absorbers can slow down sports injuries. Others The riders who participated in the group training also reported that after installing the faucet shock absorber, the riding feeling was relaxed, and they could enjoy the scenery along the way, and the downhill was more stable.

Grab and roll good circulation

Guo Minhuang, general manager of Supernormal Technology, said that his starting point for promoting this ingenious shock absorber is also from "sincere care and sharing", just like the Rotary club friends use iron riding around the island to support "End Polio Now", he hopes to "grab it" To improve people's riding comfort, it also drives the good cycle of "welcome all things with love, and let all things coexist and prosper". ◇

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