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[Epoch Times, June 13, 2014] Luo Shidian, a leader in the field of mechanical design and a former deputy engineer of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, has been engaged in the research and development of missiles, optical radar and other weapons. The sudden brain stem embolism made Luo Shidian think about the mechanical design he has insisted on for 40 years, what benefits does it bring to himself and humans?

Just at the crossroads of life's hesitation, the doctor asked to go to nature and do more rehabilitation. The wife specially bought two good bicycles for him and himself, hoping to achieve the best rehabilitation effect for the body through the cycling exercise that is beneficial to cardiopulmonary resuscitation. To be honest, if it wasn't for this disease, he would have been diligently working on system research and development, not to mention quitting his job and engaging in outdoor sports. But who knows that the experience of riding a bicycle is not as pleasant as imagined.

Self-modified shock absorber effect is amazing

"Why is it so bumpy! It's really hard to ride!" The bumpy feeling of the bicycle made him want to give up for a while, but he was reluctant to see the bicycle that his wife carefully purchased for him sitting idle. 40 years of mechanical design experience made him think " You can modify a shock absorber yourself!” After some physical evaluation, he felt that installing the shock absorber on the faucet handle had the least impact on force application and coordination, and the physical effect of the shock absorber was the best.

It took him about half a day to use the factory's sophisticated machinery and equipment to complete the initial modification, which no one else had tried before. After being installed on the bicycle faucet, it was specially ridden on the mountain road, and the riding comfort and shock absorption effect were greatly amazed. He exclaimed in amazement, "How dare you be so brave!"

Suitable for 1 18” (28.6mm) diameter faucet toothless riser. (Photo: Provided by Supernormal Technology)

Challenge the EU to test security improvements

After cycling became easy and fun, he rode it almost every day, and the rehabilitation effect was really obvious. He thought that if he could solve the problem of numb hands and sore shoulders on long-distance riding, people could get the same health, comfort and fun from cycling. Why not share your happiness with more people, and come up with the idea of commercializing this self-modified "faucet shock absorber".

Innovation is easy, but to commercialize it, it must meet the needs of the market and users. In order to provide a product with high safety, Luo Shidian decided to challenge the EU's strict 100,000 vibration test. The original design encountered a bottleneck after 300 vibrations, and the pressure of research and development was exchanged for several days of insomnia. One night in the early hours of the morning, a sudden inspiration appeared, and a unique suspension system was developed. Even if it vibrated 200,000 times, there was only extremely small wear and tear.

MIT's research and development aims to improve health

Applying high-tech technology to bicycle components provides new solutions for comfort and safety for the 200-year-old bicycle history of mankind. A shock absorber that grabs the faucet, through the physical structure, the shock absorption efficiency can reach 63%, the innovative research and development has won the patent in mainland China and Taiwan, and the 2012 Taipei Bicycle Show Innovation Design Award has been affirmed.

Talking about this invention that originated from a micro-stroke, Luo Shidian said humbly that mechanical design depends on "persistence" and "innovation", "I haven't changed my willpower in 40 years, let's see if I can find my own way in the field of design. !” I hope that the “Bicycle Leading Shock Absorber” developed by Taiwan will bring health to more people, and I also hope to have the opportunity to market internationally, so that MIT’s innovative research and development will shine in the international cycling industry. ◇

grab itThe faucet shock absorber has passed the EU norm test. (Picture: Provided by Supernormal Technology)