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[Epoch Times, June 20, 2014] Seniors and juniors in the field of mechanical design, Luo Shidian and Guo Minhuang, one is good at R&D and the other is good at sales. They all have the same desire to sell the good products developed by Taiwan's innovation to the world. When you first hear the name "supernormal technology", you will be interested in the term "supernormal" and wonder, "How is this company "supernormal"?" General Manager Guo Minhuang said half-jokingly, in fact, "supernormal" also means "supernormal" , "It is all through the most ordinary service and solid maintenance technology to win the trust of customers!"

Jump out of the optoelectronic equipment and touch the general market

In the past, Supernormal Technology was mainly engaged in the sales of semiconductors and optoelectronic equipment, serving customers including Texas Instruments, ASE Semiconductor, Silicon Precision Industry, KYEC, and Epistar. But today if you type "super technology" on the Internet, you will find that it is inseparable from bicycles, clutches, and faucet shock absorbers. How did Supernormal Technology go from selling optoelectronic equipment to stepping into bicycle spare parts? This story begins with Luo Shidian, a former deputy engineer of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of ITRI.

Luo Shidian is Guo Minhuang's senior in Hsinchu Senior Engineering. The two knew each other because of their cooperation in cutting machine maintenance technology. Luo Shidian suffered a micro-stroke due to long-term work stress. He planned to rehabilitate by bicycle, but felt difficult because of the bumpy road.

He is engaged in the research and development of missiles, radars and other weapons, and uses the precision equipment in the factory to refit a faucet shock absorber.
Different from the traditional shock absorber, the riding comfort, speed and safety even he sighed "brave". It may be the first company in the world to install the ideal shock absorber design on the faucet of the bicycle. The efficiency reaches 63%.

grab itThe faucet shock absorber has passed the EU norm test. (Picture: Provided by Supernormal Technology)

The only way to sell - pay, pay

After a year of development, the sophisticated suspension system passed the 100,000-time vibration test of the EU standard, but this innovative design hit a wall in the first few years of commercialization and mass production, and failed to win the favor of Taiwanese bicycle manufacturers. At that time, in the eyes of his younger brother Guo Minhuang, he decided to help the senior. "I cherish people who have worked hard and worked hard to develop, but have not yet received the rewards they deserve."
When he first took over the sales of leading shock absorbers, Guo Minhuang also felt the indifference in the market, but Guo Minhuang was not discouraged. He encouraged his colleagues to say, "If it sells well, we don't have to sell it! It's our turn to sell! It's not accidental!"

The bicycle faucet shock absorber only has a mini stroke of 14mm, which greatly reduces the discomfort of numbness and soreness in the hands of the riders. It can also be installed by DIY without disassembly and minimal lubrication maintenance. It is different from the traditional front fork shock absorber and avoids braking. Overturning the accident, Guo Minhuang saw the potential of this product and its benefits to human beings.

"I really like products that are unique and helpful to people!" Guo Minhuang felt contented even if it took time and money to educate and promote consumers at first. "There will be no gain if you give. But if you don't give, there will be no gain!"

Suitable for 1 18” (28.6mm) diameter faucet toothless riser. (Photo: Provided by Supernormal Technology)

MIT and international sharing bring a cycle of goodness

Fortunately, Guo Minhuang's persistence has gradually blossomed in the past year. The leading shock absorber has received a lot of inquiries at this year's Taipei International Bicycle Show. In the Asia-Pacific region, riders from Malaysia, Thailand and other countries place orders through the Internet. , South Korea has agents to negotiate. The most active agent is an agent in Germany, who hopes to cooperate with German rehabilitators to benefit the local bicycle silver-haired people in Germany.

Focusing on breaking through the difficulties of leading shock absorbers in marketing and consumer education, Guo Minhuang talked about the vision of super technology, "Through international media platforms, we will share Taiwan's best products with the world, shine in the world, and at the same time introduce good products. Products come to Taiwan, creating a cycle of goodness!”◇