Xiao Xuan (https://www.epochtimes.com/b5/14/6/6/n4172568.htm)

[The Epoch Times, June 6, 2014] Cycling is an important part of LOHAS life style, but while enjoying the wind, do you feel numbness in your hands, sore wrists, and discomfort in your shoulders and neck?

Now, whether it is a road bike, a small foldable bike, a lady bike, etc., as long as the diameter of the seat tube is the same (1 1/8” or 28.6mm), you can install a shock absorber with a shock absorption effect of up to 63%! Never! Some people have successfully developed an innovative product with extraordinary technology, "a grip" - a bicycle faucet shock absorber, which makes leisure sports more comfortable and safer, and truly implements the "healthy riding track" of LOHAS and health.

The "Grip" bicycle faucet shock absorber, installed between the handlebar and the frame, is a small and delicate shock absorption mechanism. Aluminum alloy forging, CNC precision machining, structural rigidity and light weight, and passed the EU standard 100,000 vibration test.

Challenge the super grip of various road surfaces, greatly reduce the possibility of the body overturning, and the road vibration is absorbed at the handle, making it easy to ride across various road conditions. The hand joints bear less ground vibration and enjoy the pleasure of long-term cycling.

During the three-horizontal and one-vertical round-the-island riding and fitness journey, the "one-handed" bicycle faucet shock absorber accompanies you, and the downhill is easy and stable. As long as you are healthy and don't "hemp", is your car loaded? ◇

Any road "grab" bicycle faucet shock absorber can accompany you, easy and stable downhill. (Picture: Provided by Supernormal Technology)