Wu Chenxi (https://www.epochtimes.com/b5/14/8/29/n4236178.htm)

[Epoch Times, August 29, 2014] Taiwan's self-developed bicycle leading shock absorber is favored by people at home and abroad. Supernormal Technology said that after some riders saw it in newspapers or FB to share, they specially took their car to install it to experience the comfort of "grabbing" shock absorption. And this component has also achieved international success. Recently, the reporter contacted the German agent Jackie Huang.

Energy-saving trend Cycling population increases

Jackie said that he saw NTDTV's "Creative World" on the Internet last year. The program introduced extraordinary technology and a shock absorber that grabbed the head. "Intuition is a very good product, which coincides with my entrepreneurial philosophy. So I returned to it last summer. After visiting relatives and visiting Supernormal Technology in Taiwan, after talking with General Manager Guo, we decided to introduce German sales agents.”

Jackie is quite optimistic about the development potential of this product in Germany. "Germany is the most populous country in Europe. In the past few years, the number of bicycles has continued to grow. Whether it is a leisure or urban life means of transportation, the demand has increased. In response to the trend of green energy and carbon reduction, bicycle lanes have been built as transportation infrastructure in cities. One of the main points."

Cut into the silver-haired and weight-lossers

The shock absorber installed on the faucet developed by the supernormal technology research and development team is an emerging category in the bicycle shock absorber, but because of its uniqueness, it can meet the potential needs of consumers for riding comfort, and it is worth promoting. "And from the perspective of the average price of the German bicycle market, the unit price of this product is also reasonable, so there is a great opportunity!"

In terms of marketing strategy, Jackie initially targeted the "silver-haired people" who most urgently needed this product. Their spending on health has always been high, and secondly, there are people who are overweight and want to use bicycles to lose weight and keep fit. , is also a market worth entering.

Looking forward to "MIT" going to the world

Talking about the cooperation with Chaojian Technology for more than a year, Jackie feels very happy. Not only does the company have a harmonious atmosphere, but also the general manager Mr. Guo is commendable, "We have been talking to each other for a long time, and I feel that he is honest, kind and diligent. The owner of the business is the object of my emulation.”

Jackie said that he is preparing to sell it through the Internet, hoping to open up the good reputation of the exquisite bicycle shock absorber in the German market, and indirectly promote the German market to affirm the quality of MIT. "I am well aware of Taiwan's strength in manufacturing. Out of confidence in the quality of MIT, I have introduced MIT's high-quality products to Germany and Europe. I hope that Taiwan will produce more world-class products to meet the needs of consumers in different countries." ◇

Passed the EU standard test, the bicycle grabbed the faucet shock absorber. (Picture: Provided by Supernormal Technology)