Epoch Times reports (https://www.epochtimes.com/b5/15/3/19/n4391760.htm)

[The Epoch Times, March 19, 2015] (The Epoch Times reporter Zhang Yuhua reported in Taipei, Taiwan) The 28th Taipei International Bicycle Show, from March 18 to 21, will be exhibited at Nangang Exhibition Hall and World Trade Center Halls 1 and 3. There are a total of 1,457 domestic and foreign exhibitors, and the proportion of foreign exhibitors exceeds 20%. The number of foreign buyers during the exhibition is expected to exceed 10,000, which is expected to hit a record high.

Taiwan's bicycle exports have continued to grow in recent years, reaching 4.44% in 2014. In conjunction with this event, the organizer also held the 4th Taipei International Bicycle Show (TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards), with 209 entries from 15 countries participating, revealing three major trends in the bicycle industry.

The integration of bicycles and digital is becoming more and more mature; alternative materials such as wood and bamboo are applied to the body; in addition, in terms of functional design, it is also from the perspective of catering to the needs of professional athletes and turning to the riding angle of general users. The "Hand-Grab" bicycle faucet shock absorber, which won the first Innovation Design Award at the 2012 Taipei International Bicycle Show and has a shock absorption efficiency of 63%, was also exhibited again, attracting the attention of many silver-haired riders, and the on-site inquiries were high.

Guo Minhuang, general manager of Supernormal Technology, said, "This time, the overall texture has been greatly improved in terms of product packaging and booth design. Through the exhibition, I hope to promote the leading shock absorbers that improve the riding comfort of the public to the world."

Pacific Bicycle Company, which has won many domestic and foreign design awards, was also invited to participate in the exhibition. Marketing Manager Ye Siwei said that, unlike the "folding frame" method of folding bikes on the market, "We pay attention to the user's experience, first make the bike, make sure the riding posture is correct and comfortable, and then think about how to fold it. vehicle". Huihong Enterprise also exhibited a new type of sports protective clothing without car stitching. According to the parts that users need to protect, the mold of the manufacturer can match the designer to make any pattern. ◇

Responsible editor: Wu Mingfang