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[Epoch Times, July 11, 2014] Yilan has beautiful scenery and has always been known as the back garden of Taipei. The slow pace of life combined with bicycles as a means of transportation is really suitable for local residents and tourists! Yuancheng Bicycle Store, which is 6 minutes away from Yilan Railway Station, has opened in Yilan City for more than half a century. The small shop is crowded with all kinds of bicycles. Now it has been passed down to the second generation, and is managed by the small boss Jiang Guowei.

Jiang Guowei, who has been in charge of the bicycle for about 5 years, is quite familiar with every detail of the bicycle. He directly faces the needs of customers. He said that the bicycle is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very important in riding comfort. Today, he will recommend a practical The new product "grab" faucet shock absorber.

Lightweight device to share without hiding

Jiang Guowei briefly introduced that the shock absorber is divided into "front fork shock absorber" and "rear shock absorber" according to the installation position, and the internal structure has different types such as spring and hydraulic pressure. Currently available front fork shock absorbers and rear shock absorbers are aimed at relatively rough terrain, such as rocky terrain or natural roads such as forest roads.

The faucet shock absorber is a shock absorber installed between the handlebar and the frame. It is suitable for asphalt and concrete artificial roads in urban and suburban areas. When the road is damaged or uneven, it can reduce the damage to the rider's hand joints. of discomfort. This product has a shorter suspension travel (14mm), which has better grip than the front fork shock absorber, which greatly reduces the chance of tipping over when braking.

When it comes to knowing about the product of the faucet shock absorber at the beginning, a familiar middle-aged rider found out at the exhibition that after using it, he thought it was very suitable for his needs, and good things were not kept privately, so he hoped that Jiang Guowei, who runs a car dealership Can assist in purchasing and selling to the riders of their fleet.

Intimate installation father is super satisfied

While purchasing the goods, Boss Jiang installed one for his father's use. During the test ride, he found that the previous road bikes encountered potholes or small gaps, and the vibration of the shoulders, necks and wrists would be quite uncomfortable. After installing the faucet shock absorbers, these The phenomenon has been significantly improved. After actually using it, my father is also very satisfied with the shock absorption effect of this product; in addition, he found that when elders ride bicycles, they do not want to bend low, and the front of the bike will be relatively raised after installation, so the back and waist will be more comfortable.

Boss Jiang said that the current mainstream of the bicycle market is still road bicycles. Many non-professional customers also want to ride road bicycles to pursue a sense of speed. However, the shock absorption effect of wearing gloves is limited after all. Fortunately, this project won the 2012 Taipei International The Bicycle Show Innovation Design Award and the EU CE quality certified shock absorber came out.
Cyclists and silver-haired people also love to use them

Although its popularity has not been fully opened at present, Jiang Guowei is optimistic about its future market demand. He believes that through breakthroughs in materials, shock absorber travel, economic scale, etc., the leading shock absorber will become a necessary component for future bicycles, so he began to actively contact agents Business - super technology.

He has been selling leading shock absorbers for more than a year. Jiang Guowei mentioned that Yuancheng Motor Co., Ltd. has sold a lot of them. The customers are mainly retirees aged 60-75, who are economically capable and pay attention to sports and leisure quality. After using it, every customer responded very well, and praised that the seemingly lightweight device can make a big contribution to buffer the vibration caused by the bumps on the road.

Talking about the interaction with Paranormal Technology, Jiang Guowei felt that he had a lot of fate with General Manager Guo, and also deeply felt the enthusiasm of the entire team for the product; he said that he is not only a user, but also willing to play the role of a distributor, looking forward to promoting , allowing the public to experience unprecedented riding comfort. ◇