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【The Epoch Times, August 8, 2014】【DIY】The faucet shock absorber reduces the numbness and soreness of the hands and makes the ride more healthy! Cycling has become a new national sport. Cycling to work, shopping, tourism, sports, club activities... With the laying of bicycle lanes throughout Taiwan, as well as public bicycle rental systems such as YouBike, iBike, City Bike, New Bike, etc. in major cities The popularity, fun and trend of cycling is spreading into the lives of many people.

car friendly sharing

Interestingly, these people who regard cycling as an important element of their lives have a common trait of not hiding and sharing. It may be due to the fact that they gave up the convenience and comfort of transportation in life, and through the trampling of their own bodies, they had the most real contact with the sun, the air and the land. After sweating profusely, what they see on their faces is not tiredness, but smiles.

Just like Li Lizhong, a travel blogger at Camellia Lodge just reported by Rti, who used to stay away from crowds due to severe anxiety, his exercise habits and attitudes through slow cycling, parking, feeling, photography, and sharing not only healed the body and mind, but also healed the body and mind. Become a popular blogger on the Internet. "Always before the sky is bright, stepping on a bicycle, facing the morning breeze, and tasting the morning fragrance abandoned by the city."

The beauty of the body after waking up is displayed on the smiles of the riders. From the golden waterfront on both sides of the Tamsui River in northern Taiwan, to the Sun Moon Lake bike path selected by CNN as the top ten most beautiful, as far as Taitung Forest Park in eastern Taiwan, as well as many scenic roads such as Yangming Mountain and Xinzhongheng, you can see bikers everywhere. They greeted each other pleasantly, no matter whether they were unfamiliar or not, a smile became their common language.

Shock absorption is healthier

Guo Minhuang, general manager of Supernormal Technology, said that with the increase of Taiwan's bicycle population, more attention should be paid to the safety and comfort of riding. The "Hand grab the faucet shock absorber" represented by Supernormal Technology is a simple DIY bicycle component that has emerged in recent years. It is a small shock absorber installed between the handlebar and the frame. Different from the 55mm~140mm stroke of the traditional front fork shock absorber, the innovatively developed faucet shock absorber only has a mini stroke of 14mm, the center of gravity changes little at the moment of braking, and it is not easy to roll over, which not only greatly reduces the numbness and soreness of the hands of the riders. Discomfort. According to the feedback from Yilan's dealers, "every customer responded very well after using it, and praised that the seemingly lightweight device can make a big contribution and buffer the vibration caused by road bumps."

According to Guo Minhuang, “One Grab” is the first shock absorber installed on the faucet through high-tech technology. It has passed the EU 100,000 vibration standard test, which is called the light of Taiwan. "I hope that Taiwan will become a cycling tourism kingdom and provide cyclists with a healthier and more comfortable riding experience in the innovative research and development of components."◇