Maintenance Items - Cutting Machine

1. Spindle repair

         Disco Spindle Repair (DFD6240/DAD3350/DAD322/DAD321)                                                       

         TSK Spindle Repair (WD250S/WD10B/5000A/7500A)

     2. Spindle Driver repair

         DISCO Spindle Inverter Repair (DAD6361/DAD3350/DAD3220/DAD321/DAD320/2H6T)                    

         Maintenance of TSK Spindle Inverter (TSK5000A)

     3. Y, Z Driver repair

        DISCO Y, Z Drive Repair (DAD321/DAD320)                                                               

        DISCO Z-Axis Drive Repair (DAD3350/DAD3220)                                                                                                            

     4. Axial Plate Repair

         DISCO Axial Control Card Repair (DAD321/DAD320)

     5. Set up Board Repair

     6. Maintenance of the PRS Vision Board of the cutting machine

     7. Power Supply Repair

     8. UPS Repair

     9. Touch Panel Repair

         DISCO Touch Screen Repair (DAD3350/DAD3220)

        TSK touch screen repair (300TX)

Maintenance Items - Grinders and Grinding Polishers
(Disco DFG841 / DFG850 / DFG8540 / DFG8560 Grinder
& DGP8761 Grinder Polisher repair)

1. Machine transmission accuracy adjustment

2. Grinding TTV adjustment

3. Robot Troubleshooting and Repair

4. Parameter setting and maintenance of each axis motor

5. Power Supply Repair

6. UPS Repair

7. Various types of Touch Panel maintenance

8. Various types of PC Board maintenance