you on a bicycle

Long-distance riding, numb hands make you unbearable?

For health and leisure but cause sports injuries?

Grab the faucet shock absorber

Enjoy the new realm of cycling, reduce hand shake and ride more comfortably.

Good news for cyclists

Grab the faucet shock absorber

Significantly reduce the damage caused by road vibration, and significantly reduce the phenomenon of hand numbness.

Alleviates muscle fatigue from long rides. Let you easily challenge cycling around the island and three horizontal and vertical.

Easily grip the handlebars and descend safely.

Cyclist handlebar vibrations cause sports injuries

Shoulder and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist injury, hand numbness, tendonitis.

Falling downhill or uneven road

The center of gravity is unstable, the road surface is uneven, and the brake grip on the downhill is poor.

Effectively reduce road vibration

Grab the faucet shock absorber

Shock absorption up to 63%-74%

Road vehicle-specific test results:

Under the high frequency (7.1Hz) vibration state, the average acceleration before and after the shock is improved by about 47%, and the maximum acceleration before and after the shock is improved by about 63%.

Under the low frequency (2.35Hz) vibration state, the average acceleration before and after the shock is improved by about 27%, and the maximum acceleration before and after the shock is improved by about 57%.

Small fold special type test results:

In the high frequency (7.1Hz) vibration state, the average acceleration before and after the shock is improved by about 54%, and the maximum acceleration before and after the shock is improved by about 74%.

The world's first in 200 years, and the patent is leading the world.

Passed the EU standard and passed the 100,000 vibration test.

Won the 2012 Taipei International Bicycle Show Innovative Design Award

EU standard vibration test 100,000 times passed

Patent certificate M358785

Front Fork Suspension VS Faucet Suspension

Wrist force analysis!

No shock absorber installed: the wrist bears the most force.

Under pressure on the handlebars when the driver leans forward, directly caused by uneven ground


Install the front fork shock absorber: The wrist bears the second force.

The frame and handlebars are like rigid body structures, bearing "the downforce applied to the handlebars when the rider leans forward, and the reaction force of the entire rigid body structure after the shock absorber is activated".

Install the faucet shock absorber: The wrist is subjected to the least force.

The frame and handlebars are elastic structures, and the wrists are subjected to "the downforce exerted on the handlebars when the rider leans forward, and the slight elastic force of the shock absorber".

Front Fork Suspension VS Faucet Suspension

The center of gravity changes greatly when braking!

Without installed shocks:

The center of gravity does not change when braking.

To install the fork shock:

When braking, the "whole body weight of the driver, the weight of the handlebars and the overall frame structure" is compressed forward and downward with the shock absorber. The center of gravity changes a lot, and it is easy to overturn.

Install the faucet shock absorber:

When braking, the "weight of the driver's arms and handlebars" is compressed forward and downward with the shock absorber. The center of gravity changes very little, and it is not easy to overturn.

【Brand Story】

A Micro-Stroke Brings New Inventions

Mr. Luo Shidian, inventor of the faucet shock absorber

Luo Shidian, a leader in the field of mechanical design and a former deputy engineer of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of ITRI, has been engaged in the research and development of missiles, optical radars and other weapons. He was overwhelmed with project design until one day, a sudden brain stem embolism made Luo Shidian think about the mechanical design he has insisted on for 40 years. , what benefits does it bring to mankind?

Later, he chose to ride a bicycle for rehabilitation, but found that the bumpy feeling of the bicycle made his hands numb and unbearable. So he had an idea and used years of mechanical design experience. After many years, he finally succeeded in developing the "snap shock absorber". The effect is surprisingly good! He also hopes that all cyclists can use this product to enjoy Shock-absorbing comfort.

Suitable for car models

Road bikes: Installed on flat handlebars or curved handlebars road bikes, it can significantly reduce fatigue during medium and long-distance riding, and keep away from the vibration and discomfort of wrists, shoulders and necks.

city car

single speed car

Small trails, small folds: suitable for short-distance riding, the small wheel diameter strongly transmits the vibration force to the hand, and it is necessary to install a shock absorber for grabbing the faucet.

Mountain bike (front fork suspension replaced with hard fork): suitable for 1 1/8″ (26.6mm) diameter faucet toothless riser

These cars can be installed

Single-speed bikes, mountain bikes (front fork shock absorbers replaced with hard forks), curved handlebar road bikes, flat handlebar road bikes, small folds, flat handlebar city bikes

Body vibration will increase the risk of white finger disease

Zhang Weilun, deputy engineer of the Vehicle Research Center of the Consortium Corporation, pointed out a few points in the paper "Assessment of Human Body Vibration Exposure while Riding a Bicycle": Riding on a bad road is harmful to the human body; the allowable riding time is only three minutes, and there is a difference between the steps. The recommended allowable time on the road is 30 minutes. Riding on bad roads for a long time will greatly increase the chance of suffering from white finger disease.

vibration white finger

This syndrome was found by Alice Hamilton, MD, to be related to arm vibration exposure time and frequency; prolonged exposure can lead to peripheral circulatory disturbances, peripheral nerve disturbances, and musculoskeletal disturbances.

Figure 16 Exposure time and time of developing white finger disease

Figure 16 shows the relationship between the daily exposure time and the 10% probability of suffering from white finger disease for the two bicycles on three different roads. It can be seen from the figure that the shortest age is the standard bad road, and the longest is the asphalt road. Considering that under normal circumstances, if you ride on a general asphalt road for 2 to 3 hours a day, it will take almost 20 years to have a 10% chance of white finger disease. From the results, we can see that riding on a general asphalt road , the hand should not have health effects.

Mounting the shock ring is easier!

Mr. Li Hanhui, CEO of the Rotary Club (District 3500) Ring Taiwan Bicycle Committee:

I was skeptical at the time of installation, but after riding, "I feel that the cervical spine, lumbar spine, elbows, and wrists are no longer sore and numb, especially when going downhill."

I have 100 likes for this product! Really good!

Agent: German silver-haired people love to use

German agent Jackie:

Last year, I saw Paranormal Technology and a shock absorber that grabbed the faucet introduced on NTDTV's "Creative World" program on the Internet. "Intuition is a very good product, which coincides with my entrepreneurial philosophy. So last summer, I returned to Taiwan to visit relatives and visit Paranormal Technology. , After talking with General Manager Guo, we decided to introduce the German sales agent." The unique product can meet the potential demand of consumers for riding comfort, and it is worth promoting, and has been deeply recognized by the German market.

Bike Times report

Get started with the first installation

In the bicycle getaway activity organized by the Alumni Cycling Club of Jiaotong University, a show was arranged to install a big car, and the participating men and women were asked to install the "Gripfast" faucet shock absorber together. A Feng, a friend of Jiaotong University, who participated in the event, took the lead in winning the competition of other men. The winner came out on top! She said that the faucet shock absorber can be installed very easily and effortlessly.

Player measurement

Cycling expert Guo Daxia: Shifting the center of gravity brings comfort and the strength of the spring force is satisfactory

The spring is integrated into the buffer mechanism, which increases the height of the faucet by 5~7 cm, so that the user's riding posture can transfer the pressure of the arms. For riders whose frame design is too "flat", the faucet shock absorber can reach auxiliary effect.

During the trial ride, Guo Daxia also constantly used the strength of his upper body to feel the tension and compression performance of the spring force; riding between the road and the red brick road, simulating the common road conditions of ordinary knights, this is what makes him satisfied .

Player measurement

Team leader blog moderator surnamed Huang: The shock absorption effect is quite obvious

Arranged a test ride from Wugu to Fisherman's Wharf, which took about 2 hours

Usually after riding this route, the arms and wrists will feel numb and uncomfortable. It is also because the tire pressure of the road bike is around 130-140, so the feedback of the road feeling is particularly obvious.

I didn't expect that this time, the riding has been significantly improved, especially when crossing the wooden plank road, the shock absorption effect is quite obvious^^

Player measurement

Team leader blog moderator surnamed Huang: The shock absorption effect is quite obvious

Through these two pictures, you can clearly see the faucet shock absorber, which will compress when it is stressed, and easily achieve the shock absorber effect.

Player measurement

Trial feedback from riders surnamed Huang

Mr. Huang:

I bought one to try it out. To be honest, it’s really good. The test results slipped from Jianshi-Yu Lao, and they all held the brakes. Before, I couldn’t hold the brakes all the way to the end, because the crushing shock would cause numbness in my hands. Sha, after installing the shock absorber, I drove the Sha to Lairford all the way yesterday, and my palms won't be sore. It's useful!

Player measurement

Travel Blog Moderator Likes: Better and More Efficient Suspension Than Fork

Its position is just at the center of gravity after the combination of people and vehicles, and the distance is closer to the body than the front fork shock absorber, so the feedback effect is better and more efficient.

Originally, I was worried that installing the "Dragon Head Shock Absorber" would make the bike slower when going uphill, resulting in too much ineffective work. After actually riding on the Zhongshe Road test, it was found that its design has a certain friction damping control, which can not affect the uphill and make the downhill stability more secure. No wonder the manufacturer is so confident in this product.

Player measurement

Bicycle Master: It can absorb most of the road conditions, which is quite good!

Tony, who works as a mechanic in a bicycle shop in Kaohsiung, said: This item is not bad. Although the travel is limited after being installed on the car, it can absorb most of the road surface conditions. It is quite good and the overall strength is acceptable. Because it is a folding bike I will be very worried about the stress, but after I put it on, I am not disappointed with its strength, and it will not be overwhelmed when pulling the car and turning.

Player measurement

Teacher Jiang: The numbness in the palms has disappeared

Teacher Jiang, a middle school teacher working in New Taipei City: grabbing the shock absorber of the faucet, in addition to the shock absorber, it also has the function of raising the faucet, increasing the height by about 4.8cm.

Because of the height of the faucet, the riding position is no longer so sloppy, and the force burdened by the weight distribution to the palm is greatly reduced. The faucet shock absorber has a certain damping and needs to overcome the maximum static friction to operate, so the faucet will not become soft due to the installation of the shock absorber. In addition to the height of the handle, the feel of the handle is the same.

2014/7/11 Ride Banqiao - Daxi, about 50 kilometers back and forth

2014/7/12 Ride Banqiao - Danshui, about 65 kilometers back and forth

During the two days of riding, there was no numbness in the palms of the past.

Player measurement

Director of Information Consulting Company: The faucet shock absorber absorbs the vibration of the road surface and makes the journey more comfortable

Mr. Lin Yongmao, who co-founded Information Consulting Co., Ltd. with a friend, said: In order to overcome the potholes on the asphalt road, this year just installed the faucet shock absorber for the two's car, without the weight of the shock absorber front fork, especially on bumpy roads. The road feels different; on mountain bikes and small folding, there is no gap between them. The faucet shock absorber absorbs the vibration of the road, making the journey more comfortable.

User experience

Feel more comfortable!

Chen Zongyi, a city car enthusiast: When riding in urban areas, the road surface is often uneven. After installing the shock absorber, when you pass through potholes, you will find that the reaction force of the front wheel is reduced and you feel more comfortable!

User experience

Very comfortable and smooth! Don't be afraid of going downhill anymore!

Chen Jianren, a road car enthusiast: When a road car is driving downhill at high speed, people will be very shocked and have a strong buffer force, and they will be very scared when braking. After installing the "snap-tap shock absorber", the reaction force and cushioning force during downhill braking are not so obvious, very comfortable and very smooth.

media reports

Cycling Times Report: Little Heroes Overcome Rough Roads With Ease

The principle of the front fork shock absorber installed on most car bodies is to use the wrist to withstand the reaction force of the entire rigid body structure after the shock absorber is activated.

In contrast, the faucet shock absorber only bears the slight spring force of the shock absorber on the wrist. This makes the wrist not need to receive too much external stimulation, effectively reducing the vibration of 63%~74%.

When braking, the center of gravity will shift, but if the change is too large, there is a danger of overturning. The suspension stroke of the faucet shock absorber is only 14mm, and the stroke is short, which can greatly reduce the possibility of falling.

Grab the faucet shock absorber installation manual

1: Loosen the faucet (the standpipe) and the standpipe fixing screws. *Below the faucet (the riser) is marked as a faucet.

2: ①Remove the fixing screws of the faucet and the riser. ②Loosen the tap screw.

3: Remove the faucet. *It is recommended that the exposed length of the riser is 35±2mm. If the exposed length is too long, please install a height-enhancing ring.

4: ①The shock absorber guide column is in the front, pay attention to the direction and symmetry. ② Install the shock absorber.

5: ① Insert the long screw attached to the shock absorber. ②Lock the long screw. *Pay attention to the rotation smoothness and clearance of the front fork.

6: Install the faucet.

7: ①Tighten the faucet screw. ②Tighten the side screws of the shock absorber.

8: Put on the dust cover.

9: Check all fixing screws to complete the assembly.

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installation steps

Carbon fiber front fork seat tube installation steps

Step 1: Please remove the screw in the expansion screw (expander) first

Step 2: Please put the provided 6mm*100mm screw into the shock absorber

Step 3: Please lock the expansion screw (expander) until there is slight expansion

Step 4: Install the shock absorber to the riser and tighten the expansion screw (expander). If there is a torque wrench, it is best to use a torque wrench to lock it according to the specified pounds of the carbon fiber front fork riser. If there is no torque wrench, it is recommended You can go to a nearby car shop and ask the car shop for help, because the lock is too tight and the carbon fiber may be injured.


Q: Is this price a bit high?

A: Whether it is expensive or cheap in terms of price and value depends on the individual's judgment! According to the current two-year usage period of the first batch of users: (The warranty period of this product is two years, so it costs less than 5 yuan a day) Most people think that such a price can be exchanged for a comfortable and safe bicycle life Great value for money! !

On the other hand, the faucet shock absorber has passed the 100,000-time vibration test of the European Union, and further carried out the 200,000-time vibration test, and only wears 0.02-0.03mm, and communicated with senior riders to discuss and evaluate that it can be used for five years under normal conditions. Based on the above, the daily usage cost is not more than 2 yuan.

Q: Why have you never heard of such a great product? Any problem?

A: This is an invention that has not been innovated in the history of human bicycles for 200 years. The developer, Mr. Luo Shidian, suffered a lot of tests in order to pass the EU's strict 100,000 vibration standard test, and finally developed a unique suspension system, even if the vibration 200,000 times, and only extremely small wear and tear.

Since its launch in June 2012, it has attracted the attention of European, American, German and Chinese manufacturers because of its uniqueness, and has won extensive reports from Bicycle Times, the international media Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty TV and magazines.

On the other hand, the first batch of users have been using it for more than two years, and no reports of faults have been received from customers yet. MIT faucet shocks are well received.

Q: Will the faucet increase after installation?

A: The height of the faucet will increase by about 5-7 cm after installing the "Hand grab the faucet shock absorber". What good is this? You didn't need to bend over to ride the bike before. This corrects your posture and reduces the soreness caused by bending over.

Q: Will the height of the faucet affect the speed?

A: We understand your concerns. As the faucet increases, your bending angle is not so low. Relatively speaking, it will increase some wind resistance, but what you get is the reduction of 63~74% vibration and the reduction of the probability of falling, which is very helpful for your joint maintenance and hand numbness reduction. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you, if you are not a competitor who counts against every second, you must try to install the "head grab shock absorber", I believe that after you use it, you will agree with our point of view.

Q: How much weight will be added after installation?

A: It is only a light 300 grams. If you are not a competitor, I believe this must be a faucet shock absorber with more advantages than disadvantages for you. Weight: 300 grams (only 1/2 of the weight of the water bottle, or even more "light" ).

Q: Can it be installed in my car too?

A: The left side is an integrated faucet, and the faucet shock absorber cannot be installed. The right faucet handle is detachable, and the riser is a toothless riser. As long as the diameter is 1 1/8" (28.6mm), the faucet shock absorber can be installed.

Q: Can the outer diameter of the faucet riser be 1" (25.4mm) to be installed?

A: Most of the faucet risers with an outer diameter of 1" (25.4mm) have teeth. The shock absorber of the faucet currently developed is suitable for installation on the faucet without teeth. The outer diameter of the riser is 1 1/8" (28.6mm).

Q: My car is a KHS foldable T3 series and a GIANT foldable. Can it be installed?

A: The small folding T3 series can be installed. The small folding faucet and the connecting rod of DAHON and GIANT are integrally formed. The original design cannot install the faucet shock absorber; the faucet riser needs to be cut and the design can be changed before installation.

Q: The inside of the riser is a hexagon socket and cannot be locked. How to install it? Is it limited to old cars only?

A: This model is a carbon fiber road bike. The original 8cm screw length of the faucet shock absorber is not enough. It needs to be replaced with a 10cm screw and an expansion screw to install it. Use a torque wrench to adjust to a suitable tightness. (For the installation method, please refer to the installation steps of the carbon fiber front fork type riser).

Q: Is this a hydraulic shock absorber mechanism? Also, how much will the total height increase after installation?

A: The design principle of our faucet shock absorber is to use spring + PU, with non-oil bearing device and guide column, and adopt high-precision design requirements to effectively reduce the numbness of the rider's hands. After installation, the height will increase by 5~7cm, which has both heightening and shock absorption functions; after riding for a period of time, the shock absorption effect is satisfied. If you really need to adjust the height, you can further use the faucet adjuster, or cut the faucet riser according to your needs. .

Q: Some riders mentioned: How do I order? Do you have a physical storefront?

A: Customers who like DIY can order in the following ways, we will send it directly to the address you specify, cash on delivery.

  1. Tel: 03-5430915
  2. existFBSend us a private message
  3. in shopping order
  4. Contact our cooperative distributors (please go toOfficial website)