Mini Push Lawn Mower (Model: MW-200)

Lightweight/Mini Push Lawn Mower - Developed and improved for the inconvenience caused by traditional lawn mowers, it is foldable and easy to carry. There are also three types of mowing types. Renjun can use the attachable blade and the tendon rope. The blade and tendon rope are evolved from the traditional knapsack lawn mower, making grass cutting easier.

Lightweight and foldable, easy to operate, easy to store, easy to maintain, and have great commonality with traditional lawn mowers. A special patented mowing disc allows the user to choose between a blade or a nylon thread for mowing. There is a chassis under the working lawn mowing plate that can be used as a wheel. When operating, the chassis will naturally touch the ground, so that the working plate above the chassis will not lose the speed required for mowing due to the ground. The engine can be selected flexibly. Two-stroke engines can also be used with more environmentally friendly four-stroke engines (recommended horsepower above 1.7 horsepower is the best). At present, our store has Kawasaki TH43, HONDA-G35, Mitsubishi TB43 light pull engine, etc. , as well as electric-start engines to provide consumers with a choice.

In addition, in order to provide a better environment for the next generation, there is also the use of batteries as fuel to drive DC motors to replace the currently used fossil fuel engines.