Wu Chenxi (https://www.epochtimes.com/b5/14/6/27/n4187826.htm)

[Epoch Times, June 27, 2014] Three horizontal and one vertical cycling routes have become quite popular in recent years, namely Beiheng, Zhongheng, Nanheng, and New Zhongheng. These are the four most beautiful and majestic mountain roads in Taiwan. It has become a challenge route passed on by word of mouth among riders, and everyone said, "If you haven't ridden three horizontal and one vertical, don't say you have crossed Taiwan!"

These roads traverse the lofty mountains of the Central Mountains, Snow Mountains, and Yushan Mountains. For those who like leisurely pedaling fun, roaring by car is no longer enough to experience the beauty of the mysterious mountains and forests with changing seasons and no pollution.

However, this difficult route around the Taiwan ridge can be as long as 12 days or as short as 8 days. Many people also complete it in a single day in stages. Since there are many up and down slopes, it is not as flat as a normal road, so it is usually necessary to train feet and physical strength. , The equipment, performance and shock absorption device of the car have also become topics discussed by many riders before their trip.

The safety and refinement of shock absorption equipment is greatly improved

Taiwan's undulating terrain and abundant natural resources are suitable for promoting cycling leisure sports. Guo Minhuang, general manager of Supernormal Technology, the representative of leading shock absorbers, believes that the rise of the three-horizontal and one-vertical bicycle leisure trend means that Taiwan's cycling population has been increasing year by year. In the past, many people did not know In terms of bicycle shock absorbers, Taiwan has taken the lead in the world and developed a small and delicate shock absorber structure installed on the handlebar.

"In the past, the shock absorber installed on the faucet has been very difficult to develop. The front fork shock absorber commonly installed on bicycles is prone to emergency braking and the center of gravity leans forward. The pedal force will be absorbed, causing the speed to drop, and the faucet shock absorber Not only the safety of the shock absorber is greatly improved, but also for the long-term numbness and soreness that are most troublesome to ordinary cyclists, you can try to install the faucet shock absorber to improve.” Guo Minhuang said.

Luo Shidian, the inventor of the faucet shock absorber and a former deputy engineer of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, said that the faucet shock absorber is suitable for installation on road vehicles, city cars, mountaineering off-road vehicles, general small folding, and electric bicycles. The principle of shock absorption is that the hand is pressed on the faucet. Its strength is only one-fourth to one-sixth of its body weight, the spring K value is small, and the suspension stroke is short. Generally, the suspension stroke of off-road vehicles may be as long as 55~140mm. The faucet shock absorber only has a mini stroke of 14mm, which is suitable for general road surfaces, and the downhill is stable and easy to achieve shock absorption effect. ◇