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[The Epoch Times, August 1, 2014] "My father rides a bicycle for fitness basically once a day. As for the equipment, it is ordinary and casual. Since Father's Day is coming soon, I want to give him a bicycle-related gift. Do you know what to give?" This is a message posted by a netizen on the Internet, which attracted enthusiastic discussion among riders

There are many benefits of cycling, silver-haired people are brave to chase their dreams

Many people know that cycling has different benefits for elderly silver-haired people. In addition to exercising and fitness, going outdoors and enjoying the scenery is also a good way to relax the body and mind.

In terms of physical benefits, it includes exercising thigh and waist muscles and preventing injuries caused by falls in the elderly. Regular riding exercise has also been proven to have the effect of preventing and improving dementia in the elderly.

However, family medical experts also suggest that as the physical function of the elderly degenerates, they should pay attention to choosing the type and amount of exercise that suits them according to their physical condition.

For example, older people with stable blood pressure can engage in more vigorous exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming, while those with less stable blood pressure control are suitable for gentler exercise such as walking and gymnastics.

However, with the popularization of medical and health care concepts, people have gradually surpassed the limitations of age and physical function through various physical and mental exercises, and bravely pursued their dreams. Giant founder Liu Jinbiao, who is 80 years old and has cycled around Taiwan for the second time, is the best example.

Avoid sports injuries, grasp exquisite shock absorption

However, with the increasing popularity of cycling activities, sports injuries caused by cycling should also be paid attention to. Clinically, lower back pain, hand numbness, knee pain and neck pain are all common sports injuries.

The "one-grip" bicycle faucet shock absorber newly developed by Supernormal Technology is installed between the handlebar and the frame. It is a small and delicate shock absorption mechanism. The vibration force of the road surface is absorbed at the handle, and the hand joints of the riders are less affected by the vibration force of the ground, so they can easily ride over various road conditions without feeling numbness in their hands after a long ride.

It can maintain good grip at high speed, cornering, steep slopes or rough roads, reducing the risk of the body tipping over and greatly improving the safety of the driver.

General Manager Guo of Supernormal Technology said that Taiwan takes the lead in the world, using aluminum alloy forging and CNC precision work to develop bicycle leading shock absorbers that include structural rigidity, light weight, and easy DIY disassembly and assembly. We hope to bring cyclists a "safe, healthy and relaxed" riding experience.

Let this summer's most different Father's Day gift - a clutch of bicycle faucet shock absorbers, bring full care and health to the elderly at home. ◇

Passed the EU standard test, the bicycle grabbed the faucet shock absorber. (Picture: Provided by Supernormal Technology)